French phone cards for Travelers

  Telephone booths are easy to find and use only smart cards with a chip. No coins allowed.

  You can be across town, make your calls, avoid hotel surcharges and be completely independent without having to buy or rent a tri-band cell phone. All France Telecomm phone cards are usable throughout France.

  For worldwide or local calling, 120 Units is not 120 minutes. The usage of Units depends on the distance called and for how long. Calling Los Angeles for 15 minutes is more expensive than calling a restaurant across town for 5 minutes.

French phone cards.
Phone cards come in 50 or 120 Unites, designs always vary.

Make the most of it:
- The cheapest rate is for local calls.
- Calling a cell phone (06 prefix) in France is a very high rate and will make units disappear fast.
- Each phone booth has it's own unique #, you can call overseas and ask to be phoned back.
- You might see a phone booth in a TGV, which is a very high rate.

 Look up phone numbers in France using either the White or Yellow pages.

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