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Bring extra ID Photos:
   Whether to replace a lost or stolen passport or for a Carte Orange, ID photos are cheaper in the US and the photo machines in Paris can sometimes be hard to find in the major Metro stations.

Photocopy your passport:
  Makes replacing it and proving your identity much faster.

What the US Embassy wants to know:
   This is a true story. A friend who'd had her purse and passport stolen was asked a series of questions like an aging WWII film, to see if she really was an American. This is what they based their decision on...
  1. Who's your Congressman?
2. Where were you the day Kennedy was shot?
3. Do you like crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
4. Where were you during the last episode of Sienfeld?

The bonus question for the next person in line: Who's your favorite character in "Friends" ?

Peanut butter, Sienfeld, Friends. Excuse me?
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