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    The Euro and currency conversion

  The Euro arrived as of January, 1st, 2002. After Febuary 28, 2002 you can use only Euro's. If you happen to have some French Francs you can exchange them at any consumer bank until 6.30.2002 and then after that only at the central bank until 2.17.2012
  The best strategy is to get your Euros at an ATM. All ATM's dispense Euros and you'll get the best exchange rate (minus any fees from your own bank which is
very important to check!).

  Change some of your local currency into Euro's before you leave so you can arrive at the airport, buy a coffee, an RER ticket or pay for a taxi into town.
  By using an ATM your bank will give you the exchange rate for that day and you only need to get the amount you really need. Just make sure that you have a 4 digit PIN number for your card!

  For visitors there's two schools of thought. One is to just take cash and change it at an private exchange office which will give you a better rate than any of the banks. Myself, caring around large amounts of cash in any currency isn't exactly my idea of fun.
  Avoid Travelers Checks at all cost, because of the fees to buy them and the shrinking number of shops that accept them. If you do find one, the exchange rate will be the worst one that you can find.
  Last chance to exchange your old Francs
Banque de France
31 rue Croix des Petits Champs
75001 Paris
  Until Feb. 17th, 2012
  EU Countries that use the Euro
Austria   Italy
Belgium   Luxembourg
Cyprus   Malta
Finland   the Netherlands
France   Portugal
Germany   Spain
Greece   Slovakia
Ireland   Slovenia
  Countries outside the EU that use the Euro
Andorra   the Vatican
Monaco   Martinique
San Marino   Guadeloupe
Montenegro and Kosovo   Reunion
    French Guiana

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