Vacation hold for postal mail
  US - Vacation hold

  The Post Office will hold your mail when you're out of town. All you have to do is print out and fill in Form 8076, then mail it to your local post office, without ever leaving home.
  Get Form 8076 in PDF

  They'll hold your mail from 3 days to to a maximum of 30 so it doesn't pile up and let people know that you're gone. A great service to discourage identity theft when you're on vacation or out of town on business.
  Once you've printed the PDF form, look up your local Post Office and simply mail it to them.

  When you return, just visit your local post office, show your photo ID and pick up your mail in person (they won't deliver it all at once). With counter space and garbage cans right there I've found it's a great way to sort out the junk mail and lighten the load.

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  Canada - Vacation hold

  Post Canada will hold your mail but there are small fee's involved and they differ for residential or business service.
  You can submit your request online but allow 5 weeks for it take effect.

  Main sites: Post Canada | Postes Canada, français
  Australia - Vacation hold

  Yes it can be done but you'll first need to agree to a long list of terms and conditions.

  Also take a look at the fee's involved. For a private person it's around $9.00 for the 1st week and $4.00 for each additional week.

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