Northwest Airlines and China, fact and fiction
NWA begged FF people to sign a petition so they can get the ONLY route from the US to China. I asked a simple question:

  “ What are the projected yearly revenues if NWA is awarded the route to China? ”

Here's the answer I got from Ms. Pamela Coffey:
  Thank you for contacting us regarding the electronic petition to support a nonstop flight from Detroit to Shanghai. On behalf of Northwest Airlines, we appreciate your inquiry.

  Your comments are well taken. Please understand that it is imperative for Northwest to enhance our route system in such a way as to enable us to function profitably and remain a viable carrier in the future. We hope you will support our bid to be the only US carrier given a route to this exciting China market.

  Please understand that we currently do not have specific information on the number of flights we hope to have or on the projected revenue this route will generate.

  In summary, we hope we have your understanding and support. Thank you for taking the time to write, Mr. Smith. We hope to have the privilege of welcoming you onboard a future flight with us.


Pamela Coffey
Customer Care
Northwest/KLM Airlines

  What's the truth for the NWA China route?

From Northwest's own Public Relations release:

  “WASHINGTON – (September 25, 2006) – Northwest Airlines (OTC:NWACQ.PK) today filed an extensive application with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) detailing the important public benefits of the airline’s application for new route authority between the U.S. and China. The application includes exhibits, letters of support and petitions signed by 90,000 individuals, and other documents.

The airline is seeking government approval to provide daily, nonstop service between its WorldGateway at Detroit hub and Shanghai, China.

“Northwest’s Detroit to Shanghai nonstop proposal will establish the largest and most effective China gateway for Eastern U.S. passengers,” Doug Steenland, president and chief executive officer, said in the filing.

The carrier forecasts that the route will benefit 214,000 passengers in the first year of service, including 77,000 local Detroit passengers and 137,000 U.S. connecting passengers at Northwest’s WorldGateway at Detroit. The economic benefits of the new service to the local Detroit economy alone have been forecast at $160 million annually.

Steenland added, “Northwest’s vast array of services from Detroit will benefit more U.S. communities and more U.S.-China passengers than any other applicant.”

Northwest’s Detroit-Shanghai route would serve 86 percent more single connecting cities than the American proposal, 112 percent more connecting cities than United, and 92 percent more connecting cities than the Continental application.

Individual, corporate, government and community support of the Northwest proposal is extensive as more than 90,000 individuals signed letters and petitions that were submitted as a supporting document to the DOT.

“We would like to especially thank Governor Granholm of Michigan and Governor Pawlenty of Minnesota, along with the bi-partisan coalition of 17 legislators in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, for their letters in support of our application,” said Andrea Fischer Newman, senior vice president of government affairs.

Northwest proposes to commence nonstop Detroit to Shanghai service on or about March 25, 2007, using its Boeing 747-400 aircraft with 65 seats in World Business Class and 338 seats in coach class...

“ Boring background on NWA deleted ”

  NWA knows exactly which planes they plan to fly on the China route. If an airline knows exactly which planes they plan to fly to China and the seat revenue then Ms. Pamela Coffey is simply lying and getting paid to do it.

  The truth is that they have their plans for China down to the exact number of planes, which model of plane and how many seats in 1st class and coach. Why Ms. Pamela Coffey couldn't give a straight answer is unknown. Would you want to fly on such airline?
Strike news, August 23rd, 2006
  This Friday, unless Northwest agrees to negotiate a new contract with flight attendants they will be shut down or disrupt flights. Flight attendants are threatening random, unannounced strikes after 9:01 p.m. CDT Friday unless Northwest agrees to negotiate a new contract.

Sept. 26th, 2005 - NWA flight leaves 43 hours late.

  It sounds too strange to be true but a NWA flight from Minn. to Tokyo left 43 hours late. Why? Because of a mechanical problem (and this was well before the strike) and a lack of crew.
  The 747-400 was supposed to take off at 3 PM on a Thursday. It eventually canceled Thursday night and rescheduled for Friday morning. But the Friday flight never left and was instead canceled Friday afternoon and rescheduled for 8 AM Saturday. NWA spokeswoman Jennifer Bagdade said the flight was delayed 2 hours that day and would have to stop in Alaska to refuel but didn't say why.
  Minneapolis to Tokyo is a 12 hour flight in the air alone. Let alone a 43 hour wait for the flight to take off.

NWA, Frequent Flyer miles and promised meals
  Well before 9/11 or the lack of food service you needed to be aware of NorthWest Airlines routing if you were using Frequent Flyer miles and what they claim as food service because a simple flight can turn into an extremely long travel day with no food at all.

   You could easily travel over 21 hours with nothing to eat for 8 hours, leaving you to greasy, overpriced airport food, if you can find it.
 July 8th, Depart Paris Time Flight Time Travel Time Meals
Arise, final packing 05:00      
RER train to airport 06:15      
Arrive at airport 07:00    00:00  
 Flight Delay - 40 minutes   00:40  00:40  
Paris to Amsterdam Depart 0935 CET 01:40  02:40 snack
 Layover 1   03:30  06:10  
Amsterdam to Philadelphia Depart 1430 CET 07:15  13:25 Official: Dinner

Reality: Lunch & snack
Philadelphia Arrive 2200 CET    
 Layover 2   03:35  17:00  
Philadelphia to Minneapolis Depart 0135 CET 03:15  20:15 Official: None

Reality: Dinner
Minneapolis Arrive 0450 CET      
 Flight Delay - 1 hour   01:00  21:15 Airport cafes close!
Minneapolis to Seattle Depart 0635 CET
03:20   None
 July 9th Time Flight Time Travel Time Meals
Seattle Arrive 1053 CET
Arrive 0105 PDT
   24 hrs, 35 mins. None
Do you really want to fly with NWA for up to 24 hours with little to no food to eat despite what they tell you?
  What's interesting is that after doing some Duty Free shopping in Amsterdam and arriving in Philadelphia I was a bit tired because hey, it was long travel day. When passing through the final security checkpoint in Philly to catch my flight I gathered everything and then sat down, started my laptop and realized that I'd forgotten my bright, yellow bag of Duty Free shopping.
  Returning to the security checkpoint I asked if they'd found anything and the answer was cheerful No. Then the kind, smiling gent called the supervisor over to ask her if she'd heard of any thing left behind. Her answer was no.
  It was funny when I described in detail the bag and it's color and the security agent denied ever seeing it. You see, there was a cabinet, like a vanity, about 4.5 feet tall with many 3 ring binders on top of it. Sticking out between of those binders was my blinding yellow, Duty Free bag.
  Now I don't mind if someone has a job at airport security and a side job of selling things they've stolen. But when they're simply pathetic at it, then we have a little problem.
  Be aware of both NWA and the Philly airport.

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