2010 Paris Metro and Bus Fares
 Navigo Découverte card Weekly / valid Mon – Sun. Monthly  

Zones 1-2

5 €uros for the card itself
17.20 €  see fare increase history

56.60 €

Zones 1-3

22.70 €

74.40 €

Zones 1-4

27.90 €

91.70 €

Zones 1-5

33.40 €

109.90 €
Zimmer / hoteles / hôtels / Langue / Nederlands / Italiano

Discount Hotel Rooms
 Metro Tickets
Carnet (pack) of 10 tickets 11.60  

Individual tickets

Bought on a bus

1.60 €  See how fares have increased

 Mobilis – 1 day Pass
Zones 1-2 5.90 €  
Zones 1-3 7.90  
Zones 1-4 9.80  
 Metro Zones: The majority of the city itself is within the 2 zones shown in a light color on any Metro map. You could live in Paris for 20 years and still have new things to discover every day within those 2 zones.

  Fare Increases: When do the fares go up? On July 1st just before most tourists arrive, but it's only a small increase and it won't break the bank. Look at the previous years prices to see how much they increase from year to year.
  New in 2009 is one thing: If you buy an individual ticket on a bus then expect to pay 10 cents more than in a Metro station.

  Transportation Pass, your best deal: The Carte Orange has been replaced by the Navigo. If you're visiting then just buy a "Navigo Découverte" which is 5 €uros for the card itself and then you buy a week or months worth of transportation. Be aware that you'll need a debit or credit card with a chip in it to use the automated machines to add your week or month worth of fares into your Navigo. Most North American cards use a magnetic strip without a chip so they won't work.
  The Navigo card requires a small photo booth ID portrait in the size of 25 x 30mm (0.98" x 1.18") that costs about 4 €uros in many Metro stations. It's an RFID card so you just swipe it over a turnstile or in a bus on a purple pad and you won't need to worry about finding tickets. Because it's an RFID card you don't even need to take it out of your wallet or purse for it to work and many turnstiles are reserved only for Navigo users. Take your Navigo home because the card itself is valid for 10 years.and you can just buy a weeks worth of Metro fares when you visit again.

  Transfers: In the Metro you can use 1 ticket and make any transfers between lines with only that 1 ticket so long as you're underground and in the Metro system itself. Keep it with you until you exit because some Metro or RER stations require it for you leave. So long as you stay underground a single Metro ticket also lets you use and transfer between the RER and Metro stations that are inside the 2 zones of Paris itself.
  On a bus or tram you can use a single ticket to make transfers within a 90 minute time frame. Never insert a Mobilis Pass ticket into the machine on the bus or tram because that'll invalidate the magnetic strip that let's you use that one ticket for a week or month. Just show your Carte Orange to the driver.

 The Mobilis Pass: Generally seen as a good idea and a bargain by tourists any Parisian avoids it unless you're making a HUGE number of trips in any one day.
 Paris Viste card: Just as expensive as above, any Parisian avoids it because it doesn't offer a good value. It does offer some discounts on sights but 5 days for an adult traveling in 3 zones is 28.30 €uros.

  Don't Cheat: It might seem like a bright idea at the time, jumping a turnstile to have enough for an extra espresso but the "controllers" do rove around the Metro system looking for fare jumpers, the fines are quite high and even higher if you can't pay on the spot with a credit or debit card.
  They wear dark green suits or uniforms and are well known to be quite active around or after the 20th of the month when residents begin to run low on funds. You can save a huge amount of money by not trying to cheat.
  For one example, if a friend offers you their Navigo and you don't have the matching ID photo the fine is 35 €uros and higher if you can't pay on the spot with a debit or credit card that has a chip in it.

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