Food and drink in Paris

The are 7 major food groups in France:
1. Bread
2. Cheese
3. Butter
4. Wine or champagne
5. More butter
6. Chocolate
7. Cream

  The food in France has few equals, you might eat something different or see something you haven't before but one thing is certain, it's all very fresh and you're in for the treat of your life.

  As a rule the French don't go eat out much because of the cost. If you Live like a Native then you'll be invited to peoples homes for dinner.

  It's only polite to return peoples generosity but remember, a French dinner always involves conversation, socializing and can easily last until the wee hours of the morning.

  When people ask me about my favorite museum, after 37 years+ my answer has become: The grocery store! Why the yogurt section alone can be 30 feet long.

  There's other things to feast on including chocolate, truffles, sausages, amazing dairy products and excellent wines at bargain prices. In fact Listerine® mouthwash is more expensive than a good Bordeaux.

  Follow the travelogues because of the special focus on local dishes, the wines of France and family recipes or simply browse through the bookstore for books about Paris Bistros or Cafés, French cheese, wine and cookbooks.
   Or check the secret, family recipes that you can create at home.
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