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  Cyber Cafe's & Wi-Fi hotspots in Paris

  Call Waiting:
When using a modem, call waiting is known as "double appel" and you'll want to disable it whether you're at a friends or in a hotel. It's an on/off proposition and not per call so you'll have to re-enable it once your done using your modem.
Disable: #31#
Re-enable: *31*

  If you need help and speak French you can call France Telecom. For a human being call 1013 and 1014 for voice mail.

Cyber Cafés:
 Paris and France in general has many cyber cafés and the only way to keep up with them is to use a Worldwide Cyber café search engine.
Wi-Fi hotspots:
  Paris has an ever expanding pool of hotspots and the only way to keep abreast of them is to use a search engine:

  Wi-Fi hotspot list is the best in my opinion and even lets you use a French postal code to help narrow things down.

  Ji-wire is a great resource for finding Wi-Fi hotspots and you can sync the spots to your hand held device.

  By the end of 2007 the city will install 400 free hotspots throughout the city. Part of the plan includes cutting taxes on companies that lay down fiber optic cables in a drive to have 80 percent of all buildings within the city connected to fiber optic networks by 2010.

La Poste, CyberPoste
   The old days: La Poste (the post office) created the worlds largest Cyber Café that doesn't serve coffee by installing 800 computers around the country.
     You bought a smart card that includes 1 hour of surfing, get your own email address if you want to and a bit of help, all for 7 Euros. You can “recharge” the card for 4 Euros per hour of Net access.
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