I met Daniel with no problems and we jumped into his car and rushed off to the bar "his friends" were playing at. Once inside we ordered something to drink and took the spiral staircase upstairs to the 2nd floor and I sat with my back to the stairs.

  I was so dead tired it wasn't funny. Here I was, sitting down, drinking a straight shot of espresso and it was barely making a dent in my poor old brain.
  When you're dead tired it's odd how 5 minutes turn into 20. Daniel and I were making small talk when I saw something happen to his face.

  He saw Nelly come to the top of the staircase. It turns out the during my last visit I'd worn my grey Stetson and in our year of telephone conversations, some where in there she had a dream about me wearing a black Stetson.

  She hit the top of the stairs when she said to a friend "That guy looks an aweful like Don".

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