Always ask which model plane you'll be on and then check the online seating charts. It turned out the new 747-400 was nice but it was also configured so that coach had 338 seats whereas the 747-200 has 296, which translates into much more leg room. If you catch a DC-10 then you're treated to a wide body with 247 seats. For long flights you can't beat it.

  The flight was just fine and we arrived on time at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. NorthWest is partners with KLM and everyone changing planes had just enough time to hike through the airport to catch a KLM 737 for the 30 minute flight to see the sun rising over France. I wasn't quite there, but I was getting closer.
NorthWest Airlines 747
A NWA 747-400 has 338 seats in coach.
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