I emailed the photgrapher, he put it in the postal mail to Anne in Bezier who then faxed her friend Brigitte in Toulouse. Brigitte gave me a call telling me that they were very happy to help give Nelly such a nice surprise and that Anne's boyfriend, Daniel would meet me at the train stations café wearing jeans and colorful vest.

  The night before snowcone was leaving he was nice enough to come over because I wanted to give him a gift for Nelly, during her visit in the Spring she'd been introduced to Reese's peanut butter cups and exclaimed " Oh these are orgasmic! "... Don't ask, it's a French thing.
Would canned poultry seduce a Parsian?
  While we were talking I was telling him about the strange, canned chicken they stocked at my local market. It's an entire, cooked chicken in a can and I thought that would make a good joke and maintain the illusion that there was no way I was showing up before she moved to the US.

  So we bopped on down to the store and bought one. He'd never seen such a thing before and thought it was so weird and so strange that it just had to be done.

  Great, we were on a roll. I had my ticket, all of Nelly's friends were in on it, I had a ride from the airport, a TGV ticket and snowcone was packing a canned chicken. Now we were talking.
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