They love a secret. But if the secret has to do with love then they really love it and will do anything they possibly can to help you out.

  Elizabeth, our friend in Versailles who'd introduced us, geez I was calling her all the time. Once I had my ticket and we knew when I'd arrive and where Nelly would be at, she was kind enough to buy a TGV ticket for me. I'll never forget her words to me on the phone one night " I'll meet you up at the airport and put you in the train! " which is exactly what she did! Ok, hurdle #1 overcome.
  Nelly had organized a small party of friends to go to the South of France to visit friends in Bezier for 4 or 5 days with the infamous snowcone from Seattle included.

  Now I always surf the Net looking for sites of good photographers to include in my bookmarks and I found one in Montpellier, so I mailed the guy. The basic gist of it was " I'm a photographer, you're a photographer. I'd like to surprise my girlfriend. These people in Bezier don't know I'm coming. If I email you a letter for them, would you be kind enough to print it out and mail it for me? "

  The answer was ... yes, send what you want. I'm happy to help you ". You see, it was all for love.
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