The French love to travel and Nelly was telling me about her plans to take various trains to distant parts of France during the time I was going to arrive.

  snowcone and I were talking about this, or rather I was freaking out and he was nice enough to listen. At any given moment I had no idea where she was going to be, how far from Paris it was, who she was staying with, how I'd get there or how to get in touch with her hosts.

I had my ticket and was ready to go
  He kept suggesting that I do what was easy and/or logical thing: just tell her. But the problem only added an extra layer of meaning to "Logistics is an Orgasm of the Mind".  
  I'd bought my ticket 2 months in advance so there was no turning back now. Besides, who'd want to? All of a sudden I had to ask her discrete questions about her friends phone numbers, then calling her friends, explain the new situation and asking them for yet more phone numbers. It was an endless list. Which helped to clue me into one thing the French absolutly love.
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