A vintage 2 Chevaux
A classic Citroën 2 CV or Two Horses.
  Let's cut to the chase. I had a great trip and we agreed that we'd find a way for things to work. I flew home and she came for a nice, long visit in the Spring. She would stay, working in Paris until she had enough saved to come as a student which translated into almost a year without seeing each other.

  One night, long after she'd left I ran into a friend on IRC, snowcone. He'd never been to France before and I was telling him about the great airfares to Paris. " Well but where would I stay? "... " Heck, you can stay with my girlfriend! "

  Then a very dangerous thing happened, I got an idea.

  I'd buy a ticket on NorthWest. He'd jet over, hang out, have a great time and then I'd show up as a surprise. He was up for it, I was up for it and I knew all of Nelly's friends would think it was a great idea. There was only one problem.
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