The street cleaners were all lined up

  Paris has an entire army of street cleaners and equipment. From small meter maid like vehicles to huge trucks that clean the grand places, they have it. For some reason it's all painted green. As if someone would steal a bright green, street cleaning machine and not be spotted on the highway.

  I was finally on the very outskirts of the demonstration, following my little map when I see the green army all lined up, ready to go. The demonstrators were organized, the city was organized and the Federal police were on the fringes too.
  It wouldn't surprise me if more than one street cleaner or one of Federal police secretly wanted to venture a hundred metres inside to get a freshly cooked sausage.

  At the very fringe I held out my map to a Federal cop, pointed to a street and asked where it was. With a stern look and a point of his arm he spent the required 3.9 seconds neccessary to help a tourist without killing them. He was not in a good mood. If you find yourself in a similar situation ask some normal person walking down the street. Odds are that people don't hate them for what they do.
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