All of a sudden there was a group of 4 teenage girls moving along the sidewalk at a good clip, talking about boyfriends, popstars, movies and other important issues.

  The old man had his back to them, he didn't see them coming and even if he did there was no chance he could outrun 'em.

  I think he was having what the French call "a moment", and it was a good one at that.

  For all I know he was reliving in his mind some of the great strikes that he'd been in or was reminded of the Allies marching into Paris in WW II. Whatever was going through his mind, this was a real moment.

  Without breaking a step or missing a word, the girls magically parted like the Red Sea and went around him. Young or old, I think the French have a 6th sense for those special moments in life and more importantly, a respect for them.
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