A big parade that was going no where

  Taking a good look into the street it looked like a combination of a big party that everyone wanted to be at and a parade that was going no where, fast.

  In the middle of the street you'd see someone on the back of a truck, giving a speech to a crowd that'd gathered around them like a salesman demonstrating a kitchen gadget at a State Fair.
  You had a few choices too. There were various Union speechs, chants or you could join in a sing-a-long.
  The atmosphere was quite friendly. I went over to the sidewalk and made like a salmon swimming upstream to the currency exchange, still trying to follow my map.

  Walking the other way was a woman eating a sandwich, a woman who was passing her asked something along the lines of " Is it good? From the shop just up there? ", she nodded and the question of where to find lunch was settled.

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