Nelly would leave every morning for a temporary job at a currency exchange not too far from Gare du Nord.

  One day before leaving for work she drew me a map of how to get there so I could pick her up after work.

  An easy to follow map, go down the street to a main drag, make a right, follow that to a grand place where 6-8 streets all came together, walk around the circle till I found the next main drag and just follow that until I arrived at the exchange office.

To reduce bomb threats
every trash can was sealed.

  A funny thing happened as I was walking down a smaller street that lead to the first large boulevard. There seemed to be more and more people, more that I'd seen in any side street. Some were coming, others were going and a few were riding their bicycles.
  As I got closer to the boulevard I started to hear a combination of chanting and singing over loudspeakers. It turns out that I ran into a little bit of a crowd.
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