A huge city built on a humane scale
film: Fuji
  The other reason I love Paris is that it's a large city that runs on two speeds. In the Metro you'll see people walking quite fast and you'll see the infamous "Paris speed walking" on the street. On the other hand, if you want to sit at a table outside a cafe and enjoy an au lait, write postcards, read or people watch and not be bothered by a waiter for 3 hours then that's part and parcel of it too.
  In short, it's a huge city that's built on a humane scale. It seems that most buildings are 6 stories tall, 8 at the most. The city proper is 2 Million people with the suburbs counting for the extra 10 Million.

  But when you're wandering around all you'll see from horizon to horizon is nothing but the most the beautiful buildings and they're all about 6 stories tall. You could come from a small town, be in a city of 12 Million and feel right at home.

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