If you're extraordinarily lucky then this "confusion" will at certain times let you see things in slow motion as you move along and observe things.

  I've been lucky enough to experience this while walking down a busy street in Seattle, going the wrong way. Was I in the "zone"? I'm not sure but I could clearly see every other persons next 4 moves and knew where they were going next, before they did, so I could make good time going the opposite direction. You can be in your own home town, on vacation not even know it!
  You don't have to be a closet Sufi from Iowa but if you're in some strange place and happen to become "confused" it's probably one of the best things that's not included with the tour.

  The "confusion" and clarity of seeing are normal everyday things that let you know you're really on vacation. Your day-to-day cares melt right away.

  Another reason I enjoy traveling is because I'm reminded that I'm a complete bozo. Go someplace, get confused, it's humbling and good for the soul. Never pass up the chance to say to yourself: Everything I know is wrong.
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