Why do I love to travel? I get a chance to meet people, eat exotic food, see a few sights and use currency that's not monochrome but a piece of art.

  Those things are well and good but my motto is: Go to a strange, far off land where you don't speak the language and become thoroughly confused.


film: Fuji
  Confusion equals a good vacation? Damn straight it does. You get the chance to become an observer and see things with a clarity that most people only dream about.  

  As an example I was taking the commuter train in Paris, the RER. I popped up onto the platform and noticed that 2 tracks away everyone was standing in little groups and right in front of them was a type of color coding. Ok, they're standing there because that's where the doors to the train open up once it's arrived.

  It's not something to write home about but it is a way to feel more at ease because the next time you'll know exactly where to stand. Whether it's groups of commuters on a platform or the way reflected light fills the shadows across the street at 3 PM, it helps bring you a bit closer to the people who live there.
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