The Web Bar is an interesting place as far as cyber cafes go. The front is a restaurant of sorts that's not too large with a nice wooden bar. The first time I went there was during lunch and you'll see lots of young fellows in suits being served by a gorgeous, photo shy waitress. Walk through the restaurant and you'll be in the center of an atrium with some stone like blocks with cushions in the central area.
Look for this logo to find the Cafe'

  Look up and you'll see 3 stories of balconies with various 15 PC's and 10 Sparc workstations with 21" monitors. The whole shabang runs on a 256K ISDN line and the access speeds are just fine for the number of boxes they have hooked up.
  The prices for hourly access aren't all that bad and if you're traveling with a notebook you can write and answer all of your email on your own time and then send it via floppy once you're sitting at one of the terminals.
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