Of course being a techno geek from way back I needed to check my mail and read somethings online so I was pointed in the direction of the Web Bar. I was wandering down some little side street, lost as all get out, when I saw two ladies of about 70 coming back from their morning shopping. I showed them the map Nelly had drawn for me, pointed to it, made a confused tourist gesture or two and when one of them pointed down a street I said "Ahhhh" and I'll be damned if she didn't say " You're American! ". Now France has highly educated and well traveled people in every nook and cranny but no where, at no time did I ever guess that I could be pegged as an American just by uttering a sound. She got me, just like your friends Grandma when you were doing something quite unacceptable when you were 14 years old. Not that her recognition of my nationality made me feel bad or anything, it was just that as you learn your parents have eyes in the back of their head, this woman had a finely tuned ear to the nations of the World and she fingered me only one block away from an ISDN line.
The infamous WebBar
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