We went to a customer service window, the lines weren't that long and there were still some windows open. At least a few people had bothered to show up for work. Nelly was kind enough to ask about the trains but the answer was the same as the radio, 30% of normal service and who knows when a train leaves! The chances of getting a refund were nil since I'd bought it at AAA in the US. But if I'd bought the ticket in France and paid the usual TGV "reservation fee" of about 3 bucks it would have been much more reasonable than what turned out to be price gouging by AAA. Heck, the difference in the fee was so utterly amazing to the fellow at customer service that, that alone become an entire discussion in and of itself.
In a 17th Century window there's no straight lines
film: Fuji

  So at this point I have one utterly useless and over priced train ticket. AAA never refunded my money, I think I'll frame it someday.

  As for getting to Zurich, that was in limbo. Hanging out with Nelly, that was the only part of my original plan that was on track. I think by this point she decided that I wasn't an axe murderer or something worse, a loud, goofy looking American.

  She had a great little apartment in the 11th Arrondissement on the 3rd floor, up a beautiful and small winding green staircase. It had a tiny kitchen, a main room with a round, wooden table, two windows facing the street, exposed and slightly twisted ceiling beams, a Water Closet and thoroughly modern bathroom. I was told it wasn't that old, only being from the 17th Century.
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