The first course was great. A nice salad with bits of hot, cooked meat on it. I thought it was rabbit but on further discussion it was thought to be liver. Whatever it was, it was great and disappeared quickly. The main course was a nice piece of poached salmon with an al dente rice pilaf and a few veggies. A very nice meal by anybody's standard.   Not quite an American Express tour
film: Fuji

Props, street scenes and people appear behind the screen
  About midway through the main course the show started. There was a curtain at the end of the room and when it parted there were beautiful colors projected on a transparent "sheet" from behind, with shadows of things like buildings and street lights, any object or prop really. Then the music came up and these women started coming out one by one, lip synching to the music. Well I could say "women" but these were really guys dressed like women. Or guys who wanted to be women or something like that... refer to Monty Python's Life of Bryan for an exacting discussion on this one. It turns out that it was an amateur drag queen show, a bunch of skinny French guys wearing dresses, lip synching to the music, doing parodies on everything, everyone and the crowd was just eating it up, they were laughing so hard and having a great time!
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