That little cup of octane was just enough to get me into the city and then into bed for several hours of jet lag dreams.

  After that I was open. It turned out a friend of Nelly's, Anne works for an artist and had a "special invitation" to some kind of dinner and show that night. So we had a nice snack, a few little things and then would eat later that night at the show.
    After awhile our host Fabrice rolled in and whipped out a wad of Francs to pay for everyone to get in. I wasn't too clear on the exchange rate at that point but I'd say he dropped an easy $150-200.00 for a group of about 7, dinner included. A very kind and generous gesture no matter where you are. A truly kind and generous gesture when you consider he had no idea who the hell I was and had never met me before. He's a nice guy, what can I say?

  We met Anne and rode the Metro to another part of town, exactly where I don't know because like the rest of Paris at night, it was dark. We got there a little early so we hung out and did a little bit of people watching. Grand, world class people watching that is. Not the kind of folks you'd see strolling through a mall looking for some little DoHicky for their pellet stoves. No sir, no way. These were folks who weren't exactly dressed in high fashion as in a suit of clothes that'd cost ya $900 Dollars but more along the lines of "anything goes" and I had the feeling it was a little on the experimental side even for Paris. Up, down, sideways, you name it and people were wearing it. Hell, inside they were probably doing it.
  Everyone was given a small, baby rose and a piece of paper about the size of an American business card with something printed on it. That was our ticket, our meal ticket. You'd walk in, find a table and when a waiter or waitress came by you'd give them your ticket, maybe buy some wine, then sit back and enjoy yourself.
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