I landed in Paris at the end of November. Now it's true that most folks talk about the magic of "Paris in the Spring" and they're right. Every last one of them.

  But I had a place to stay, a seminar to teach and so there I was, DeGaulle at 7 AM after almost 23 hours of traveling. Now sixty people in one DC-10 has a nice crew to passenger ratio but it's still a long trip.

NorthWest Airlines at Detroit
film: Fuji
Note: Airlines wouldn't show Rain Man because it mentioned that only Quantas hadn't crashed. The movie over the ocean was Apollo 13. Aircraft explosions... not good. Spacecraft explosions... hey we're talking Oscars!

  There to greet me was Nelly and just outside Customs a café with fresh, hot, oh-so-nasty Euro espresso.
    I was tired, it was early in the morning, a little cold outside and I could really care less. Now I'm from a city whose nickname is " Latte' Land " and I'm telling ya, this espresso was so good and so nasty I think my eyeballs were the size of fried eggs in no time flat and I loved every minute of it. I was in Paris again, sipping a damn fine coffee and a beautiful woman just happened to be sitting across from me. Cold, tired, long day, who cared? Life was good.
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