Ahh Paris, the City of Lights. Why do most people go there? The vacation of a lifetime, an airline connection to someplace else, do some business and if they're lucky… the possibility of romance. For me it was the last two.

  Siemens Nixdorf invited me to teach a seminar about the Web in Zurich and flights from Seattle to Paris were easy to find. The year before a friend in Versailles had introduced me to her friend from Paris, Nelly, because she happened to be visiting Seattle. We got together and wandered around town on two different nights.

Who knew what would happen?

  Needless to say she had that quintessential Paris charm, a wonderful sense of humor (which means that she laughed at my jokes) and a warm smile to go along with it all. Since I wasn't brain dead or devoid of hormones we stayed in touch once she returned home. When the invitation from Siemens came through she was nice enough to offer me a place to stay on my way to Switzerland.
I could hit the ground in Paris, stay at her place and then make my way to Zurich to teach. By anybody's standards this wasn't a bad deal.
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