PanaVue Panorama FAQ - 1999

Hardware used:
PentiumPro 200 Mhz
128 Megs RAM
Software used:

PanaVue ImageAssembler

Raw images:
Fujichrome slides, scanned with a Polaroid Sprintscan Plus.
File sizes:  Raw scans are in .tif format and average 1.2 Megs in size.

How it was done:
I visited the PanaVue site, downloaded the application and was generating rough drafts that looked pretty good in only a few hours. I've seen a lot of software but I have to say, I was impressed.
My mistake:
  I didn't bring my 4x5 Gitzo tripod with me. Since I wasn't able to pan my Nikon around it's nodal point some of the things I shot didn't work. Others took a bit of experimenting and turned out to be easy solutions.


  The workflow went like this. Once the images were scanned as .tif's I began a "project" in Panavue. A nice organizational feature right there.

  I choose Photo Stitching from the 5 options in the Project screen and clicked "Organize in a row". From there it's easy to add images to the project, each appears with alignment flags.

  Then it was on to "Lens Selection". You can use a Stock lens or have the software look at your images and give both a focal length and camera tilt in degrees. Very handy if you're shooting with a zoom!

  One click on the button "Lens Fine Tuning" and it goes right to work. This was the one process that took some time, but only because of 5 year old hardware.
  In the Options tab I choose Automatic Stitch (with no flags), an average image blending of 30-40%, checked "Adjust colors" , unchecked Anti Aliasing and requested "No Projection" for a non-warping image.

  Most of the pan's I shot are done with 3 images and I did have some alignment problems with the 3rd image which I solved with an easy hack. I'd stitch the 1st and 2nd images together and save that as a tif, then I'd add the 3rd and last image. Bingo, no more alignment problems.

A hearty thumbs up. Able to work with multiple film formats, custom lenses, acquire images via a TWAIN device, a Scheduler to run projects with large images, this is application that for it's cost and the little time it takes to download it, packs a real punch and is well worth it.


PanaVue ImageAssembler | version Français
download: 4.8 Megs

for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
delivery: Web download, CD-ROM available

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