Day 39    

Moored boat

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
   In the curvy mountain roads with houses sprinkled around, I got stuck behind the only double trailer, semi truck I've seen. It finally turned off to park and we decided to treat ourselves to a night in a hotel, outside of Grasse for 340 F, but it was only 1 hour away from Nice by freeway or 1.5 hours by National highway. Which comes in handy because we leave for Rome tomorrow.

  We topped off the tank and hit the road for Grasse, making it in 4.5 hours. After awhile hunger struck and we stopped at a village, Pertuis to buy some squares of "pizza" that was like a croque monsieur, a chausson aux pommes for Nelly and a cold ice tea for me.
  We asked the young receptionist with the flowing black hair to show us the room and a funny thing happend when the elevator door opened.

  In this tiny village outside of Grasse a blond woman walked out of the elevator in a low cut white dress.

  Before 5 PM we stopped in a village, Apt, at a little Casino supermarket chain and bought some smoked, cod liverů some paté and a bottle of red wine, a 1995 Chateau Saint Esteve, coteaux varois, a wine of Provence. Then we went across the street to the bakery to get two wonderful looking slices of La Tropezienne.

  The thing was, she had cleavage that wasn't big, it was huge. This was world class, Cadillac tail fin surgery gone stark raving mad. I think she and they have different Zip codes. When we were in the elevator the clerk made the comment " Impressive aren't they? " They were that big. The kind of thing you could only see on the Net. Me, I was wondering if she had a license for those things and I knew that she'd never drown in the swimming pool.

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