Day 39 89F/32C predicted    

  Before my first cup of coffee Francoise sat down and asked me what I thought about Aigues-Mortes.

  Now I'm not exactly a morning person. Even in English the chances of you getting an intelligent answer before several double latte's is questionable. Ask me a question in French during my first cup of Joe and you're in for trouble even though you might not know it.

  Sitting there under the shade of tree with my cup of coffee, I thought for awhile about her question and to my ear I understood one thing, Mortes = death.


  Well OK, that's a heady question for your 1st cup of coffee, but what the hell I thought. Let's think it over, I said to myself.

  All of a sudden the answer was crystal clear. “Death is a part of life“.

Francoise being the person that she is, nodded her head, yammered something in French that I didn't quite understand and strutted into the kitchen as though she's just found a new relative with deep, philosophic insights into life.

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  The truth of the matter was that my befuddled brain misunderstood her, gave her an answer that she was quite happy with and it's become one of my greatest joys in mistaken French.  >>


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