Day 36    

  It might sound funny but the best part of dinner wasn't the cheese course, it was watching Pierre enjoying it.
  Since Pierre works in Paris it was off to the train station so he could catch an overnight TGV, go home, get cleaned up and go to work Monday morning.
Pierre and the cheese
Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak
  Nelly, myself and Claudine rode with Pierre in a mad dash to the station. After we dropped him off Claudine took us for a short walking tour of the port of Fréjus.

  I have to say, the new harbor with it's rows of yachts, restaurants and new condos seemed very strange to me.

  While it's not unusual for a Frenchman to enjoy his cheese, watching Pierre was something I'd never seen before. Even the simple act of serving himself as he took one of the knives from the platter was remarkable, especially when he reached for a soft cheese because he would use that knife like only a painter would, putting the purest colors onto his palette and preparing for only one thing: art
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
  It was nice, don't get me wrong but it was too nice. A seaside suburb with freshly poured and painted concrete, it seemed horribly out of place.

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