Day 35    

  Next we passed through some amazing villages. Some were so small it took all of 5 minutes but they were a feast for the eyes.

We passed through:
From Isle sur la Sorgue, on the N100 to Gordes
D2 and D36 to Bonnieux for a picnic
D943 to Lourmarin
Driving along the La Durance (a local river), we went through Silvacane, Rognes and Mayrargues. South of the Gorges du Verdon, we drove through a more dense vegetation.
  What did I see coming down a skinny street on a hill? It was a red, 1976 Cadillac convertible with some young guy driving and 3 of his aunts jammed inside. There was only one parking spot left, next to the café and he was damn lucky because his boat just fit.


Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

Once we arrived in Callas we found a small square, I pulled into a public parking lot and Nelly popped into the nearby phone booth to call Pierre.

  Nelly came back and in no time Pierre came down to meet us, parking so he could get out, give her some kisses on the cheeks and shake my hand before he lead us to his house. At his place we parked in the shade and met his wife Claudine. After a beer for Nelly and some grape juice for myself they gave us a tour of their place. Then it was time for an apéritif sitting outside on the patio, the choices ranged from 19 to 45 proof and then it was onto dinner.

Dinner menu:
Red wine from Callas
Melon and proscuttio
6 kinds of cheese and bread
Tropezienne pie (a specialty of St. Tropez)

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