Day 35    

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Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
  I had to go check the plumbing in some place and since this was such a tiny village and there were no public toilets, I thought having an expresso at a café would be a good idea. I ordered one and got Nelly an ice cream. When I went inside it was a smallish café with a huge, wide screen TV showing the news and some tables were pushed together and set for a group of six.

  I tell ya, there's some very good reasons the Petit Jesus has won so many cups and awards, it really was amazing. Even to someone without a 20 year history of how these things should taste, after trying store bought ones in Paris, even I could tell the difference. See the Panorama.
  We saw a lot cyclists on the road and one of them finally came out of the bathroom, whew! I finished my coffee and when I paid I asked for de l'eau, and the waitress gave me a glass of cold tap water which just put finishing touch on things.

  We had a few little sandwich's and followed those with some cheese and mineral water, then Nelly sliced the little cantaloupe in half and we had that for dessert, drinking the juice from the intact halves.
  A Canadian who'd moved here and who was cycling had this piece of advice to give. If you have young kids then move to a city. In the country they'll be in different schools with different schedules and he'd spent 2 months of his first year here just driving around. >>

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