Day 35: 80F/27C predicted    

  We packed up and left about 10:30 in the morning, filled up with gas at 5.85 F a litre and headed down the small back country roads of Provence to the town of Callas to visit Pierre and Claudine for the weekend.
A great parking spot for the Twingo!

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuj

  It was interesting being introduced to the concept of National Parks in France. You might see a road sign welcoming you but other than that, you'll just be tooling through vineyards and villages and never have any idea that you're in a National Park.

  We were in a National Park, in the village of Bonnieux and driving up a hill when hunger struck and I found a primo parking spot for the Twingo next to a stone wall.
  It was around noon and the bakery we went to was the first one I've ever seen with no bread, only pastries. The woman behind the counter suggested another bakery up the road and around the bend. Walking through those little streets we found a little store that was about to close for the owners own lunchtime but she didn't have any baguettes either so we opted for some round, packaged rolls that were a little sweet. Guess where the Museum of Bread is located? In the town with hard to find baguettes! >>

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