Day 34    

  When we arrived back at the house, Alain and Francoise had set the table outside and the Pastis was ready for an apéritif. Some people make their own Pastis but since I don't think you can get 45 proof alcohol in the US, I'll skip passing along the recipe.

  Alain made a wonderful roasted lamb, using his Grandmothers recipe. Using the pan drippings he added some sun dried tomatoes for a sublime sauce.
Always eating outdoors

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  With some zucchini and dark, crusty bread and red wine, it was a fine meal to end the day. Dessert was another of Francoise's homemade cakes and tonight we topped it with a jam she'd made of strawberries.

  The cake soaked up all the juices, making it all the more sweet and it just fell apart in your mouth. There was also the basket of peaches to choose from but I had to pass them by.
  Next thing I knew, Alain had uncorked the champagne from last night and poured a glass for Nelly and I. At this point, I think we were getting close to the end of the day!
   Tomorrow we're going to drive through the village of Bonnieux and spend the weekend at Pierre and Claudine's in Callas.

On the road to Callas

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