Day 34    

  The road to Avignon is a small one, passing through some villages and for being only 17 km it takes quite awhile to get there. Once we arrived outside the walled city it was a type of chaos in the perimeter road because the traffic gets more intense and we had no idea how to enter the city.

  Being told to park near the train station but having no idea where it was, I just pulled into a road that lead to a parking garage which turned out to be reasonable at 8 Francs an hour.

I found a spot right away, we took the door that said Sortie and we walked round and round, up and down stairs until we arrived at exactly the same spot we'd started at.
  Walking around Avignon, it was interesting, having been the home of the Pope at one point in history, but it was just filled with shops selling tourist souvenirs. There's a historic bridge Nelly wanted to show me but when she started to push on the glass door a woman behind the desk said that we needed to buy a ticket for 17 F just to go for a stroll.

The bridge to no where

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   I was starting to think that you spent 2 or 3 hours trying to walk out of the garage until you became so frustrated that you paid just to drive out of the damn place, but then we took the elevator. A woman asked if we wanted the Exit and that an easy question to answer. In no time I saw two lines of tourists standing at machines to pay for the parking, we went up a few stairs and bingo, we were finally outside at the main square.
  What do you get for 17 Francs? The chance to walk across the bridge, well not really, since it ends in the middle of the river. I mean it must be nice, you probably have a good view of something, but it used to be free and the idea of spending my Francs for an espresso seemed like a better idea to me.

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