Day 34    

  Some people bought plastic containers that were put on a scale and the fellow there went to a line of stainless steel pump handles, almost like a gas station to fill them up, charging them accordingly.
  Later in the day I spotted a good price for gas, 5.85 F a liter so I put 10 liters in and then it was a jaunt across a parking lot to buy some small bottles of mineral water for the drive tomorrow and a canned, Lipton ice tea with lemon.

Wine on tap

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
  We wanted to take a look at Avignon and Francoise warned us not to leave anything visible in the car.

  If the locals are weary of the place and it's thieves then you should be too. It's funny, the people in the North don't trust the folks in the South and the people in the South don't trust the big tourist spots.


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