Day 33    

  Driving certainly is interesting because there's the National highways, the Departmental highways and then the freeways or AutoRoute which you have to pay for.

  The freeway/AutoRoute is worth the tolls because you can make great time going the speed limit of 130 kph. I was told that many people go 160 kph and there certainly were enough cars that passed me to make me believe it.

  I cranked that little Twingo up to 153 kph (95 mph) so even going 140 would give you twice the speed of the National highways, which can take you through small towns and villages, through stop lights etc. so that you have your choice: use the National to see things at a leisurely pace or pay about 6 bucks per half hour of blazing speed on the freeway.
Road marker for the D 25 highway
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

   Everything is well marked and with a good map, it's hard to get lost. This is a Departmental highway marker.

  Damn shame about all the trucks on the freeway though.

Driving down to Provence
  There were so many in the slow lane on the right that it made it hard to read the road signs and find out where to exit.

  The freeway toll tickets have a little map on one side, as though you're going to read that while going 130 kph.

We're going from Lyon to L'Isle sur la Sorgue in Provence.
    The Departmental highways are in a Yellow color scheme. With markers every fews km's and arrows pointing to the nearest town, driving is pretty darn easy.   >>

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