Day 33    

  You take a little pause to eat at least two kinds of cheese with bread and a bit more red wine.
The cheese plate
Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak



Camera: Olympus   film: Kodak
  Then if you're up to it they'll serve coffee so you can relax from such a gastronomic marathon.

  You might think I'm kidding but even if you go for a short visit in the afternoon don't be surprised if you're offered a choice of champagne, Coca (Coke), water or whiskey.

  Now that you've had your second wind you can move onto dessert which in this case was an amazing mocha tart, filled with mocha pastry cream and crushed walnuts dusting the sides.
  After Madame Dalmay got my brain going one way with all the wine, good food and heat of the day, then the other way with some darn good coffee we hit the road for Provence.

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