Day 33: 80F/27C predicted    

  I got up around 6:30 and the valley was filled with fog, enveloped in white until the sun broke through and burned it off. In a small, tiny valley on one side of the house you could see small clouds moving downward at about 3-4 miles an hour.

We leave at 10:00 for Lyon but before that, on the way I want to go hunting for the one shop in all of France that makes the gold medal winning sausage: the Petit Jesus.
Not just any shop but THE shop

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

  Paul was nice enough to look up the name of the shop and make a few calls to make sure they were open.

  You see, dry salami or Saucisson is a real passion in France.
   You'll find racks of it in any market but there's only one shop in all of France that makes what's been judged to be the best and that's where I'm going. Hang on because here we go. >>

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