Day 32    

  At home we had a dinner of:
tomato soup
The local red wine, a 1993
A slice of ham, some pate, smoked salmon
A selection of cheeses and bread
Galette de Perouges for dessert
  One night while at the camp he had permission to go into town to eat at a restaurant, the waiter was a German fellow who under the tablecloth slipped him a bottle of wine. You see, in WWI he was a POW in a French camp and treated quite well, he had nothing against the French and so he was glad to help out where he could.

  After dinner we talked a bit about Paul's going to England for 8 days after having been trapped at Dunkerque, then being returned to France only to become a prisoner. But at the prison camp you could leave for small amounts of time so long as you swore to return and if you didn't, well you had a pretty good idea of what'd happen if you didn't.
  Before it became dark Nelly and I drove up into the hills to look at some of the different villages that are nearby. The first one was very small but higher up the 1.5 lane road was another and they had a phone booth and street lights. Outside the town hall they'd posted the budget and they were going to be spending on road improvements and computers amongst other things. >>

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