Day 32: 80F/27C predicted    

  No one in the house drinks coffee so for breakfast I had some instant expresso that I brought with me and it was just great to go along with my buttered baguette. American instant is horrible but French is sublime so don't worry.
  The National highway uses two of St. Rambert's one way streets so you see a economically depressed, yet charming village with semi trucks rolling through to avoid the tolls on the AutoRoute.

  Nelly and I took a walk down a trail to the village. For the first 100 feet the path was covered with little white petals from the trees overhead and a gentle wind is blowing more down, almost as if it's snowing.

  We took a short walk through the village of St. Rambert. When they did the last census there were 2060 residents here. There is one problem though.
the 2 main streets

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

  Once I thought they came through every 5 minutes but right on the heels of one semi was the next one. They're using it as a route to Italy and there's a campaign to reroute them to help restore the peace and calm of the village.

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