Day 31    

  The thing that struck me about this part of France is something that helped me to understand a little bit more about Paris. You see, in the foothills of the Alps you have large expanses of pine trees, just like home in the Pacific NorthWest.
   After walking around and pondering a city of ceramics we settled down to a dinner of:
Legume varies soup
1993 Manicle, a local red wine that you won't find anywhere. A Marché in Lyon wouldn't even have it, but if you see one, buy it!

  It also made me realize that Paris is a city of ceramics and stone. If it's not made of quarried stone then you'll see something like a power pole that's made from poured concrete. On some level, that made everything a little more exotic to me, like seeing a brick house in Seattle.
  A cold slice of very good ham, about an 1/8 of inch thick
Pate, from a piece about 3/4 of an inch thick and about as wide as the bread your Grandmother used to bake

   It was very interesting. The countryside here was just like home and Paris was at the same time a bit more exotic and also devoid of wood.
  Then came the cheeses: Camembert, brie, hard goat cheese and a cheese from the Pyrenees made from ewe milk
Dessert was strawberries in Cote du Rhone wine

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