Day 31: Paris 82F/28C predicted   Lyon 89F/32C predicted

  We left Chatou and on the way to the RER Nelly's huge suitcase broke one of it's three remaining wheels so we switched. Then it was into the RER and straight to Gare de Lyon.

  Today the hottest places in France were Grenoble and Lyon. Guess where were we headed to? Lyon of course! Via the new double decker TGV.

  In Gare de Lyon I saw something quite rare, a recruiting poster for the French Foreign Legion.

  Yes if you have something to forget, can march 88 steps a minute and aren't put off by the fact that since 1831 over 33K legionnaires have died, then you might have a career jumping out of planes at only 500 feet.
 "See life differently"
Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

  Roughly translated the slogan on the poster says "See life differently". Talking to any French national, everyone has a story about smeone they know and it should read "See life as a killing machine".

  Actually France came up with a good way to get around what really spooks any US President, sending "our boys" someplace where they might die. Since the Legion is made up of foreign nationals no one cares and so off they go with no muss and no fuss.
   Remember how I made the observation that Paris was cell phone crazy? Once we found our seats in the TGV and settled in, the doors were about to lock, when I saw a woman on the platform on her cell phone. Talking to her friend or lover who was inside the train.

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