Day 30: 80F/27C predicted    

  We met Anne-Laure in the afternoon and sat down at the café Marly in the Louvre. We sat outside in the shade, the light was wonderful, there was breeze, you could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance and all the waiters were in a good mood.
   After 7 PM we met Bertrand and had dinner at Pierre's which included:
apéritif including Pastis
"composed salad" (from a can?) of corn, red peppers, tuna, potatos

Hanging out with Anne-Laure

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji
  His wife Claudine made a "roti de porc" with a fantastic sauce made of pork drippings and thickly cut bacon pieces.
3 cheeses: Gruyere, Boursault and a runny camembert
dessert was a Mille Feuilles, a layered pastry translated into a Thousand Layers.

   If you stop by make sure to go inside just to have a look, the interior is nice and one large bank of windows looks into a covered sculpture garden inside the Louvre. Have an espresso or a cup of tea, I'd avoid the food since it's certainly overpriced and from the look of it, not all that remarkable.

Discounted Rooms

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