Day 29    

  After a whirlwind tour of the gardens we went back to Elizabeths and hung out while she went to train station to pick up her eldest sister, Anne-Chantal. She brought the most amazing quiche lorraine I'd ever tried and it wasn't long before we devoured it along with a bottle of champagne.

  Next it was time for some cambembert, a Pyerennes cheese, a cheese from a box that was round, wrapped in foil which no one touched and that was followed by a salad.
Rasberry torte

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  Then the phone rang and it was Salah, Thierry had just gotten back at 9:30 that night from his vacation at the oasis in Egypt and they were coming by to visit because they wouldn't see us for a few weeks while we were in Provence and Rome. Little did I know that meant they'd show up around midnight.
  After they arrived Elizabeth brought out the most amazing homemade raspberry tort, it had a crust on the bottom that was at least a half an inch thick but after putting the raspberries on top, I think the juices seeped into it because it wasn't hard or dry at all. That was accompanied with a red wine and almost 1.5 hours of conversation. >>

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