Day 28: 75F/24C predicted    

  The first order of business was doing laundry in 1 of 2 laundromats in Chatou. The problem was finding one. If you're staying at a friends in the suburbs then odds are that they have a washing machine and no idea where the Lavomatic is, so just take a nice walk around town and you'll find it.
   Wandering through the streets we found Passage Molière next to Les Halles where we stood, staring in the windows of an artist's shop who makes molds of people's hand, by appointment only. >>

  After getting the laundry done we went into town and changed some dollars near Metro Auber where you'll generally get the best rates. There was no commission on US Dollars but there was for European currencies, which will all change in a few years when the Euro is the official coin of the Realm.
Victoire, 1 year old

Camera: Nikon N90s   film: Fuji

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