Day 27    

   After dinner we met Anne-Laure and Jamie, an American working for a US high tech company in Paris. We met at what used to be a really cool, relaxed café but they wouldn't let us sit down unless we were eating so we moved on to Le Café.
   French men seem to always carry coin purses of some kind which make them, shall we say, look a little efeminate? Now why on Earth would someone who's a strapping young man carry something that your Grandma would be packing?

   We settled in at Le Café to share a bottle of red wine. Jamie was hungry after a bit so he ordered dinner. The food and wines are good but don't trust the clock.
   It's because you end up with a pocket of change very fast, what with the 10 Franc coin and it's cousins. Running for that last train, I sounded like a bank.
   We almost missed the last RER train at 12:40 AM because of it. Running with a large Domke camera bag is one thing, but I came to understand something else.
   Pure music to the ears of any pick pocket or thief.

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