Day 26    

  Pere Lachaise is so huge that after looking around the mausoleum we started down a street and got lost again. Finding an exit is almost as hard as finding Edith Piaf.
   Then it was off to meet cousin Laurence after work. She comes down to Paris for 2 or 3 days a week for the fashion house in the North she works for.

   Once we did find an exit we sat outside at a café for something to drink just to cool cool off.
She popped out the door, came across the street and about 5 minutes later Bertrand appeared and this time we didn't even have to try different languages to cut in line for a phone booth with a bus load of Italian tourists.

   After parting, with the idea of ice cream still in mind I remembered Nathalie's recommendation of the McFlurry when I spotted a McDonalds, which are far easier to find than in Seattle. It was just fine, cool, with some flavor and on a hot day it really hit the spot even if one runs 12 Francs.

We jumped a bus and I had a chance to visit the little park in the middle of the Seine.
   We sat outside at a café for something cold to drink, the temperature had cooled off and the light was fantastic, Laurence looked a bit tired but the soft light on her face in the waning heat was fantastic. She might be my cousin, she might be a bit tired but in this light she was stunning beyond compare, a natural model. Bertrand left after an hour to watch a soccer final and we wandered towards Les Halles with Laurence till we found a restaurant that had great salads with generous portions for a main course. >>

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